Black layered oversized jacket

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Product Description

Labeless 19 FALL Collection


(cm unless other unit is used)

<Vest> Chest22.5"-22.5"-
<Vest> Waist21.5"-21.5"-
<Vest> Length45"-45"-
<Jacket> Chest23.25"24.25"23.25"24.25"
<Jacket> Waist23.25"24.5"23.25"24.5"
<Jacket> Length28.75"29.75"28.75"29.75"
<Jacket> Sleeve25"25.75"25"25.75"
<Vest> Shoulder21"-21"-
<Jacket> Shoulder18.75"20"18.75"20"


This unapologetic brand, spearheaded by SU KEEM and her team, demands an audience. "Bold yet delicate, strong yet frail. The brand embodies conflicting philosophies yet manages to maintain homogeneity. It aims to be a brand defined by the consumers, not by its volition. The name Labeless signifies the brand’s unwillingness to be labeled and defined, and its intention to maintain maximum diversity within minimal uniformity". The emergence of this brand has breathed new air to the Korean fashion scene and has all holding theirs in anticipation of what it will do next.
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