STELLINE was founded in 2018 in Los Angeles, CA. Compelled by an international demand for a safe and authentic Korean shopping experience, we have made it our mission to win the trust of the international market through unforgiving integrity and bold curations. What started as a dream has now become a multinational operation with headquarters in Seoul and Los Angeles.

STELLINE in Italian, is a term of endearment translated as "little star". Like its namesake we aim to become the light that guides our consumers through the Korean fashion industry, which unfortunately for international consumers can be hazardous due to a large amount of platforms that promise "Korean fashion styles" but sell mere knock offs from factories in China and other asian countries. STELLINE is committed to authenticity in our curations and we promise to differentiate ourselves in three ways: Our brands, our service, and our community.


Did you know that most if not all platforms currently selling "Korean fashion" are selling "fake" or clothes that imitate or was inspired from actual Korean brands? Unfortunately these platforms hurt our industry and consumers in more ways than one. In most community threads regarding Korean fashion platforms there is a discussion to see if a site can be trusted with consumers lamenting about the poor quality of the clothes. Authentic Korean fashion is NOT poor in quality. The Korean fashion industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world, they not only compete with other domestic brands but the best brands in the world as Korea have now become the fashion capitol in Asia. It is impossible for a design house to succeed in Korea without maximum quality and affordability. Therefore if your "Korean" clothes are cheap in quality, chances are they aren't from an authentic Korean brand but made in factories to be sold at thrift stores and by street vendors.

Our brands are different. They are beloved and acclaimed in South Korea and favorited by Korean women as well as celebrities and idols. Our brands are design houses that you can trust in their quality, designs, and authenticity. Our brands have earned international acclaim such as R. Shemiste, Charms, and EENK and have participated in Fashion Week with runways in Paris, London, and New York. We have made it our purpose to curate collections from these brands and present them to you and the world.


One of the biggest opportunities we felt the industry can improve upon is customer service. We know that the shopping experience does not end with the purchase, we are committed in providing that your experience is a memorable one through the end. We provide you and our consumers the familiarity of working with English speaking customer service representatives based in Los Angeles. STELLINE believes that your trust in us and our brands are most important first and foremost. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your intentions of improving our platform.


We understand that Korean fashion has become more than just a niche for fans of Kpop. The demand has grown to include the international community and we are excited to be a part of it. We have and will continue to collaborate with artists and influencers. We do not believe anyone is too small or insignificant to help spread our mission. If you are on social media and would like to collaborate please contact us.


STELLINE aims to be the sail that provides the very best in Korean fashion to international consumers. We provide a curation of the Korean aesthetic procured for international palettes. Our consumers are supported by world class customer service support based in our headquarters in Los Angeles. Our brands represent the bold, fierce and unapologetic fashion scene in Korea now accessible to your world market. We understand clothing represent more than fashion, that it represents a passion, a love, an endearment that transcends cultural identities and other inherited divisions.

We love that you love. Let us be a part of how you love it.

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